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As a business, we exist in a constant state of evolution. The same goes for our planet.

We promise to continually reshape and transform. To adapt alongside the ever changing needs of our environment.

BRVN is a brand with a conscious. Our long-established values help us to make clothes we are truly proud of.

While the practices we have in place help limit our environmental impact, we understand that the path to sustainability has no end.

We must, indefinitely, be active in finding ways to work more responsibly.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We strive to implement the power trio of sustainability principles throughout our business, both internally and across our sourcing and suppliers.


BRVN products are manufactured in Portugal, home of exceptional craftsmanship. Our in-house team are based in small- scale factories, enabling us to produce premium quality pieces in an ethical working environment.

Lower quantity allows for higher quality. Durable products that stand the test of time. Customers can enjoy wearing our clothes for years to come, which encourages a buy less, buy better mindset.


From archive folders to warehouse cardboard, everything is reused. And when it’s unusable, it’s usually recyclable. If we can no longer put items to good use, they are donated to local associations that can.


Bags, paper and hangtags are made from certified recycled materials. In addition to office supplies, recycling actions can be found across our entire design process. We aim to reinvent any unsold pieces, reworking the fabric into new designs.

Wherever possible, we source cotton certified by the Global Organic Textiles Standard, which guarantees fair treatment of employees and that no toxic chemicals were used in the production cycle. All of our fabric is certified with the OEKO-TEX &
REACH Certification Standard 100 (Certification of the European Commission).

BRVN techwear is a combination of cutting edge design and conscious materials. The result of our dedication to finding innovative solutions to ecological concerns.

We make clothes that meet the needs of our people. And our planet.

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