The Bravian Effect

BRAVIAN loves the detail, because we are the ones that make the banal into unique, irreverent, DIFFERENT!

All know-how associated with more than 30 years of history in technical materials and a perfect robustness, BRAVIAN born by the deconstruction of technical apparel and traditional urban.

Modern aesthetic, with a soul full imprint of masculine irreverence is the great theme of this SS20, represented by perfect take in traditional techniques mixed with refined modern technical expertise.

So........  The drum beat is playing!

Can you hear it?    Sure you can!
Can you feel it in your heart?    Sure you can fell it!
Are you prepared for this collection?    NO, YOU ARE NOT!

So, it's better prepare yourself for the new contemporary trends in harmony with the inspiration in urban tech wear with an innovative style, refusing to be constrained by traditional norms and ideas.


Stay tuned!