The Other Sides of Bravian

At Bravian, we follow our passion and it is our quest to create unique garments for creative urban professionals.

We focus on life in the urban environment and we look at each part of your day as an opportunity to create solutions that make your life more enjoyable. From commuting or cycling to work, to the actual workplace, our intent is to brave the elements that you face in each of these steps.

When at work, whether you are a barista making the perfect latte, a bartender creating a unique cocktail, a barber sculpting hair and beard with scissors and razors, or a tattooer using skin as his canvas, our products will suit your needs.

We develop aprons and garments for barista champions, top chefs, star tattooers, artists, barbers, bartenders, and other stores staff all over the world.

We are eager to develop yours soon.