About us


Bravian makes unique urbantech premium clothes for mens who are charismatic, edgy, charming and sophisticated.

Bravian Man stands out because he is not afraid of showing his true colors


Our Story

We started in 2017, but we were born from a much older family, Latino Group.

Latino Group works with military uniforms, technical clothing, ballistics, anti-cutting, among others for more than 35 years. Latino Group dressed up Angolan Police and the Italian Carabinieri and provide the uniform of Portuguese and European militarized forces.

So at Bravian we apply all the expertise gathered at Latino Group in the making of technical, protective and professional clothing at our fashion brand - Bravian, creating an urbantech brand, for those who value a differentiated functional design.

We are a global brand, focused on international markets.

Our Ethics

Bravian isn´t fast fashion or careless.

We look after our employees and we make sure our supplier share our ethical values.

We always think about how we can reduce our impact in the environment when we are creating new pieces for you.



Our Work ethics.

Our products are manufactured in our factories in northern Portugal.

The work ethic of the brand is dictated by this physical proximity to our factories, with which we maintain a permanent contact. We have a collaborator exclusively dedicated to face-to-face and daily contact with our suppliers.

Our offices, warehouse and showroom are based in Braga.

Bravian professional relationships are established with companies, suppliers and partners that privilege work ethics and value their employees.

In Portugal, the Labor Code is the legal basis governing labor relations between workers and employers, based on Law No. 7/2009 of February 12 of the Diário da República.

Portugal is also governed by the broad European labour legislation, the directives of which are described in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and in the Labour Law of the European Union.


The protocols of Hygiene, Safety and Health at work and protection of workers are a mandatory reality by law in all labor spaces of Portugal.

In addition, our factories and company are governed by a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, which describes the ethical principles and standards of behavior that guide the performance of each factory and its workers.

The prevention of accidents at work in factories is guaranteed through the personal protective equipment provided to each employee, in addition to the certification of the machinery used. Employees are entitled to training in the area of Hygiene and Safety at work, as well as on the functions they perform.


How are we dealing with the current COVID-19 crisis?

Currently, all the workspaces in charge of Bravian have adopted the sanitary rules in the fight against the pandemic of Covid-19.

Creative team of our offices in Braga has adopted telework whenever possible, while our physical showroom, warehouse and factories continue to adopt measures of social distancing; wearing a mask; disinfection of hands and out-of-the-way working hours among workers.

These measures were adopted in order to ensure the functioning of these workspaces, minimizing the impact of the pandemic.

In order to ensure the protection of workers against the socio-economic impact of Covid-19, the remuneration and normal hours of Bravian workers are ensured. No employees of the offices, showroom or warehouse were discharged due to the pandemic.

Being Human-Kind

We treat everyone in our company the same, no matter what their race, gender or age. We don´t allow any kind of harassment or mistreatment and accept only respect, dignity and honesty.

We always pay our staff a fair wage, make sure they have safe working conditions and never allow any kind of child or slave labour. We take human rights seriously.


Do you know who makes our products?

100% Made in Portugal.

We export worldwide, but we produce all our products in certified portuguese factories.

All of our products are designed, sewn and finished by our in-house team in Portugal.

Most of our products are cut, trim and finished in our in-house manufacturing.

This allows us to assure that the garments are made following the legislative requirements and best practices of the textile industry and to guarantee that our employees receive fair payments and operate in an ethical environment.

We definitely know “who made your clothes”!

Designers, product managers, buyers, commercials, finance department, administration, we all work together in an open space, side by side in our office in Braga and we all eat lunch together everyday.

We are one big creative family that loves fashion.



We are always trying to Protect our Planet. How?

Making the world a more sustainable place is our cause, so we are always working daily to create a positive impact at what we believe..

We are always looking for the best material options without compromising the quality and durability of our clothes. Cotton certificated by GOTs (Global Organic Textiles Standard) is always our first choice. This means that no toxic chemicals have been used at any point in the production cycle – and that workers are treated and paid fairly.

All our supplier use only certificated fabrics by OEKO-TEX & REACH Certification Standard 100, (Certification of the European Commission).

We design clothes in small batches, and if something doesn´t sell out we recycle it into new items. In every collection we are using more and more recycled and organic fabrics.

Our team tries to apply the 3 R's of Sustainability in all we can.

In our office we use only recycled paper and always reuse paper, all our dossiers are reusable (we no longer buy new ones for many years), recycle and reuse all our office packaging.

This year, our main goal is to transform all our products packaging using only recyclable and organic product. We're almost there!!!

In our warehouse, we reuse cardboard boxes daily and encourage our suppliers to do the same when returning a product.

We are committed to our sustainable ethics.

Therefore, we work daily so that Bravian´s ecological responsibility is not only reflected in the environmental conduct of our factories, but also in the weighted selection of suppliers and materials. We seek to select the best material options that meet our environmental ideals, without compromising the quality and durability of our products.

We see sustainability as a journey into constant progress. Every day, we go one step further from this trip, through the constant search for more sustainable options for the production of our products.

We don’t stock a lot of products. We have a relatively fast capacity to produce more quantities when a product runs out of stock (in-house manufacturing advantages) and this allow us to reduce the waste of unsold styles.

If that happens for some reason, we first try to recycle those garments and to create new styles from them and lastly, we donate them to local associations.


“Design is not just about product. Design is about responsibility.”

Carmen Hijosa – Founder of  Ananas Anam Lda. (natural textile Piñatex)